Once Upon A Time…

…in a small town in rural California there lived a girl who loved books more than anything else.

How does one go about making the intro post on a newly minted blog anyways?

The short: I love books. I have always loved books. I especially love to talk about books. Hopefully blogging about them will be just as much fun!

The long: I’m a 28 year old newlywed accountant (I know, how does someone who loves words and hates math end up with that job?) from the West Coast. I’ve honestly loved to read for as long as I can remember. Some of my first memories are of me sitting in my mom’s lap in a funky yellow fake leather rocking chair (it was the 80s) reading Dr Seuss’s The Foot Book. Or rather, reciting it from memory because I’m pretty sure I couldn’t read at that age. “Left foot, Left foot, Left foot. Right. Feet in the morning. Feet at night. Up feet. Down feet. Here come clown feet. Small feet. Big feet. Here come pig feet.”

Since then, I have become a devourer of books. Currently my favorite things to read consist of young adult novels, science fiction, fantasy, and romances of all sorts.

The question that everyone asks. What is my favorite book ever? I’m going to go out on a limb and say The Kushiel Saga by Jacqueline Carey. There are actually 6 books that make up two trilogies. I love them. I won’t gush about them now, because eventually I’d like to dedicate a post to them. I have several other series that I also consider my all time favorites, but for some reason this one always comes to the front of the list.

I also love to subscribe to book boxes. I’ve currently been subscribed to Owl Crate for two full years. I subscribed to Bookish Box for about a year, although it was before they offered books as well. This month I decided to try something new and I ordered the Once Upon A Book Club YA box for the first time. Stay tuned for unboxings!

That’s a little bit about me. What about you? How did you find me? What do you like to see in book blogs as a reader? What is your favorite book?


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